The Hospital of IBN-E-SINA TIBBIYA COLLEGE have the following Departments
1.I.P.D & O.P.D. of Moalijat (Unani Medicine)
2.I.P.D. & O.P.D of Niswan wa Qabalat (Gynae & Obs)
3.I.P.D. & O.P.D of Amraz-e- Atfal (Paediatrics)
4.I.P.D & O.P.D of Ilaj-bit-Tadbir (Regimental Therapy)
5.I.P.D & O.P.D of (Skin & Veneral Disease)
6.I.P.D. & O.P.D of Jarahiyat (Surgery)
7.I.P.D. & O.P.D of (EN.T), (Eye)
8.Family Planning and child Care
9.Casualty Department
10.Specimen collection Centre
11.Injection Room
12.Dressing Room
13.Plaster Room
14.O.P.D. of Community Medicine